The Moor Pools

The Moor Pools consist of two pools, both are well stocked with perch to 4lb, carp to 18lb and also roach, tench, rudd and bream. This is a fishing venue for anglers who want to get away from it all and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside.
Day tickets are available at £10. Costs are competitive and parking is available within the farm.
We are open ALL year round.

Notice to all people fishing

Please note that all fishing is entirely at your own risk and please observe the following conditions:

  • FISHING TIMES - 7am until 7pm everyday. The gates are locked at 7pm.
  • All people fishing to hold a CURRENT FISHING LICENCE.
  • PAYMENT - £10 to be paid in box by gate and please sign in. Someone usually in house or yard.
  • JUST ONE spectator per person. NO person under 16 without an adult. NO DOGS - due to livestock.
  • PARKING - in car park area along track. Vehicles parked at own risk.
  • PEGS - only fish at a numbered peg.
  • LANDING NETS to be used at all times.
  • NO KEEP NETS to be used
  • BARBLESS hooks only please.
  • All fish to be RETURNED TO THE POOLS. Anyone to be found taking fish away will be prosecuted.
  • ALL LITTER TO BE PUT IN BINS PROVIDED including unused bait and cigarette ends.
  • NO BARBEQUES - due to fire risk.
  • CLOSE all gates please - due to livestock
  • We do carry out RANDOM SPOT CHECKS throughout the day!

Covid-19 Oak Lane Farm Fishing Rules

  • Please stay at your peg at all times.
  • When we are full, no more admissions will be allowed. If in doubt, please 'phone ahead.

Contact Us

Thank you for your co-operation, any queries or problems please 'phone Joe Eley on 01675 442461 or 07773 005571. You can also Email Joe here.

Fishing Pools at Barston, Solihull

Storage Facilities at Oak Lane Farm, Barston

We have recently converted our barns into storage facilities for vehicles and trailers too large for your driveway or maybe you'd rather they were undercover during the winter months.

We have storage for caravans, cars, boats, trailers, horse boxes, trailer-tents, classic campers, motorhomes and much more!

We offer inside and outside facilities on hard standing here in the heart of the West Midlands.
Find us on Facebook here.

Contact Joe for further details:

Oak Lane Farm - Storage Solutions

Get in touch

For FISHING and STORAGE details:

or Tel: 01675 442468 or 07773 005571.

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